August 1, 2016


100s of millions of PowerPoint® presentations are shared daily through file sharing apps or email


Presentations containing out-of-date or incorrect information are sent to legitimate recipient yearly


Presentation changes that fail to be communicated or updated to legitimate recipients


Presentations containing sensitive information forwarded to illegitimate recipient yearly.

Kahani Cloud Lets You...

...Apply permissions & policies

Unprecedented slide-level controls that let you make slides confidential, restrict re-sharing, prevent modifications, copying, downloading, and printing. All granular controls put the power in the hands of the content owner. By controlling how people interact with your slides, you can add an extra layer of security to your content and your enterprise can rest assured.

...Revoke access instantly

Instantly revoke access to some or all slides when links or presentations fall into the wrong hands. If people share your confidential slides, revoke access from both the sharer and the recipient or just the recipient. Set expiration dates on links or disable them if they are being sent onto unauthorized users. Once again, you are in control of your slides, always.

...Follow slides

Track your slides everywhere they go with detailed audit trails. Follow them and know who uses them in their presentations and how many times they are included in links that get sent inside and outside the enterprise. Get real time alerts when your slides have been viewed or re-shared and prevent your confidential slides from be being accidentally re-shared.

...Keep slides fresh

A way to keep every slide current – everywhere. A classic enterprise problem is keeping everyone up to date and informed. Customer facing teams often present incorrect or obsolete information and key presentations like Board of Director or Investor presentations often have slides out of sync with the latest changes. Kahani Cloud can reach into each and every presentation using your slides, on-line or off-line, anywhere in the world, and ensure the latest content is being presented.

...Get slide-by-slide analytics

It’s a matter of security. Who has access to your slides and what have they done with them? Did they forward the link to other people? Did the recipient open the link? How long did they spend on each slide? These are enterprise concerns and Kahani Cloud addresses them by giving you meaningful metrics around the who, what, where, and when for your slides.