November 28, 2016


Metrics and effectiveness across all document types

Metrics for everyone!

Ever send out a presentation and wonder if anyone looked at it? Just getting an email telling you someone opened a link is not enough because the link could have been closed right away. Kahani Cloud lets you send links from the cloud, from the authoring apps like Microsoft® Office® Apps, and from the synced offline Kahani database. At the end of the day, everyone gets meaningful metrics, which increases your content ROI.

Immediate notification

Know as soon as someone opened your link or possibly forwarded it. Slide by slide stats tell you how long the viewer spent on each slide and whether they looked at all the slides.

Create a conversation event

Send follow up emails to customers as soon as a link is opened. Send reminder emails if links go unopened. It’s a powerful sales tool and Kahani link analytics brings it to you!

Metrics for marketers

Content creators can easily see if their content is being used across the enterprise - whether it is being re-shared, who created derivatives, and how many documents it end up in.