November 28, 2016


Ensure content freshness!

Patented asset-level syncing within documents

Kahani SmartSync technology keeps all documents current - regardless of where they are stored or how they are accessed.  As soon as a document is opened, SmartSync identifies all assets in the document that came from Kahani and updates them.  Its that simple.  
Never show out of date content again, ever!

Enforce 'must-change' assets

Simple mistakes like typos or serious issues like obsolete information - both need to be replaced automatically. Kahani SmartSync does just that. Any "must change" assets - slides, images, videos - are swapped out at file open.

Sales flexibility for modified slides

"Freeze" Capabilities enable preservation of customized slides. Don't want a slide to be checked against the master anymore, simply freeze it to preserve a record.

SmartImport for content creators

SmartImport lets Kahani users collaborate with non-Kahani users.  On file open, slides modified by non-Kahani users are identified and Kahani users can chose to accept or reject the changes.