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Sync content from multiple sources, inside documents, no matter where they end up!

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July 30, 2016


What we do

Kahani Cloud keeps your content current regardless of where it goes or how it got there. We manage content through the end-of-line with policies that follow the content  across email attachments, local drives, renamed files and more.

If you create or use presentations that are shared broadly across your organization ... if you need end-of-the-line control of your slides, long after they’ve been re-shared, modified, and downloaded by others ... if you need real-time collaboration capabilities while developing essential content for your organization’s success ... Kahani Cloud is for you!


How we do it

Kahani Cloud patented algorithms recognize your content, down to the slide-level, regardless of who used it, which document they used it in, or where they stored it. As soon as a document containing your content is opened, Kahani Cloud ensures that it reflects all your changes. It doesn't matter how many people are using your material, Kahani Cloud gives you full confidence and end-of-line control over your content even when it has been combined with content from other sources.

Why we do it

We designed Kahani to work the way people work. People download, modify, re-use, and customize shared content. But current tools don’t support this use model – they only control the original document, in its entirety, as long as the document stays within the tool environment.  With Kahani, people are free to continue doing what they do, using the tools they use, with the added security of knowing they will never user or show out of date content again, ever!