November 14, 2016

enforce policies

Your content, under your control

Controls follow assets, everywhere

Controls, policies, and permissions only work as long as the document is within the system where the policies were applied. Once the file is downloaded , moved to an external drive, or emailed, controls and policies can no longer be enforced. Enterprises need a way to enforce controls and policies on documents, wherever they end up.

In-app intelligence

Enforce policies and controls - like cannot edit, cannot print, cannot re-share -as soon as the file is opened in Microsoft® authoring applications.

Secure confidential content

Kahani informs content owners as soon as content marked confidential is re-shared. Content owners can revoke access from anyone the content is accidentally shared with.

Kahani SmartImport

Visually identify changes made to your slides by other people and chose how to handle them right from PowerPoint®