November 30, 2016


Kahani Cloud for Marketing Organizations

Marketing groups within enterprise are responsible for creating, distributing, securing, maintaining, and controlling slides for products and services they manage. Keeping slides current across multiple files and enterprise storage systems is challenging. So is ensuring sales is using the latest slides in their customized presentations. Collaborating with colleagues to create common slides that span products and services area is impossible, resulting in the re-creation of the same content over and over again.

Kahani Cloud is the only solution that lets marketing organizations collaborate, create, share, secure, and control slides right from Microsoft® PowerPoint®. Metrics on how the slides are being used and by whom provide marketers unique insights into the relevance of the content they create.

Content creation for the distributed enterprise!

Connected Content

Turn the power of one into the power of many. Leverage and re-use presentation assets created throughout the enterprise using the first of its kind asset sharing and management system

Connected Enterprise

Ensure everyone in your enterprise is on the same page with multiple levels of permission and distributed authoring and sharing of content, right from the authoring applications


Ensure content freshness!

Support Enterprise workflows

Automate the management of content even after it has been downloaded or saved

End of line control

Inform content users about out-of-date content within documents as soon as the files are opened - regardless of where they are opened from - email, local drive, published database, or external storage

Leverage the Connected Enterprise

Search across your shared workspaces

Search for and find that one slide or image within seconds. Owner of found content is clearly identified to ensure you use information from trusted sources only

Stay in your authoring apps

Access to found content right in the authoring app means you never have to recreate assets that already exist somewhere in your Connected Enterprise


Your content, under your control

Maintain full control

Set asset level policies like cannot share, print, download, or save locally. Consumers of content don't have to take any actions - policies will travel with the assets even when files are taken offline

Enforce changes everywhere

Make sure the changes you make to an asset ripple everywhere that asset has been used - inside your files, inside everyone's files, online or offline

Get the most out of your storage investments

Store anywhere

With a push of a button, publish the same file to multiple databases, right from authoring apps like Microsoft® PowerPoint®, and keep them all current and synchronized

Update everywhere

Change a slide in PowerPoint and update every file containing the changed slide, across all published databases


Metrics and effectiveness across all document types

Metrics for marketers

Know everything about the slides you create - who used them, how many time, which presentations they are included in, and who is using out of date versions.

Metrics for Sales

Know when customers have viewed your content and how they engaged with it